Stepped Poles
Stepped poles are constructed from more than one pole diameter size. This is done in order to strengthen the pole in order for it to carry a heavy or large load on the top. Our Stepped poles are usually buried directly into the ground in a concrete mix. The pole is then held vertically straight up in order to set. This is a less expensive way of installing a pole, compared to a base plate. All Stepped Poles are hot dipped galvanized and can be powder coated on request.

Product# Length Size
MSP8M101139ST 101MM 8m Stepped Pole 8,00 101 Pole - Stepped Flyer
MSP9M127152ST 127MM 9m Stepped Pole 9,00 127 Pole - Stepped Flyer
MSP5.5M6090STBL 60MM 5.5m Stepped Pole Black 5,50 60 Pole - Stepped Flyer
MSP6.5M6090ST 60MM 6.5m Stepped Pole 6,50 60 Pole - Stepped Flyer
MSP7.5M6090ST 60MM 7.5m Stepped Pole 7,50 60 Pole - Stepped Flyer
MSP5.5M6090ST 60MM 5.5m Stepped Pole 5,50 60 Pole - Stepped Flyer
MSP6.5M6090STBL 60MM 6.5m Stepped Pole Black 6,50 60 Pole - Stepped Flyer
MSP7.5M6090STBL 60MM 7.5m Stepped Pole Black 7,50 60 Pole - Stepped Flyer
MSP4.5M90127ST 90MM 4.5m Stepped Pole 4,50 90 Pole - Stepped Flyer
MSP5.5M90127ST 90MM 5.5m Stepped Pole 5,50 90 Pole - Stepped Flyer
MSP6.5M90127ST 90MM 6.5m Stepped Pole 6,50 90 Pole - Stepped Flyer