MS-INT - Solar Sensor Flood Range
The solar sensor light is designed to save battery power by running at a low power output unless activated by motion.
The two versions that we have are a 100%/30% or 100%/50% option. The 100% is on for a period of 30 seconds after activation, then reduces to either 30% or 50%.
This light is ideal for carpark areas or security areas where you don’t have to have permanently high output lights.
Traditionally, the problem with All-in-One lights has always been that the solar panel and light are built into the same structure, making it difficult to aim the light and get the maximum solar power on the panel, resulting in batteries not charging sufficiently.
In our version, the panel can be rotated to the correct angle with the sun, and the luminaire can be rotated on the horizontal plane as well as the vertical plane, making it a completely practical and functional integrated light.
We use Philips LumiLeds, which have an output of over 150 lumen per watt. All of the batteries are lithium-ion, with a three year warranty and a possible lifespan of 6 years.

Horizontal Rotation

Vertical Rotation

Sun Position Placing

Sensor Detection Area

Product# Lumen Power Category
MSIN-FL20B 20W 100/50 Sensor Flood Light 3300 20 237 50 Sensor Light - Sensor 100/50 Flood Flyer
MSIN-FL30B 30W 100/50 Sensor Flood Light 4950 30 332 80 Sensor Light - Sensor 100/50 Flood Flyer
MSIN-FL40B 40W 100/50 Sensor Flood Light 6600 40 426 80 Sensor Light - Sensor 100/50 Flood Flyer
MSIN-FL50B 50W 100/50 Sensor Flood Light 8250 50 521 100 Sensor Light - Sensor 100/50 Flood Flyer